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Pamporovo is located at approximately 1650 m above sea level in the Perelik range of the Western Rhodopi mountain range in one of the most beautiful places of the Orpheus mountain. Sofia is 260 kilometers to the northwest, Plovdiv is 85 km to the north Smolyan is 15 km to the south. The nearest airport (Plovdiv) is 1.5 hours away and Sofia airport is 3 hours away by car. Pamporovo is the sunniest high mountain resort in Bulgaria. It enjoys more than 240 sunny days a year and in winter the snow layer is around 150 cm. The climate has Mediterranean influence which ensures low variations in daily temperatures. The surrounding high peaks keep it from the winds and in winter preserve the snow cover on the northern slopes of the Snejanka and Murgavetz peaks. The region has negative air ionization which is very beneficial to the health.

The Skiing

Pamporovo has rich traditions in welcoming tourists from all over Europe and providing for an unforgettable holiday. The combination of location, nature and weather makes it a sought after ski area for starters and advanced skiers alike. The resort has 17.5 kilometers of Alpine ski runs with different degrees of difficulty, 34 ski runs for long Nordic skiing, equipped with 6 different seat chair lifts and 13 ski drags with a total capacity of 9,500 people per hour. Modern ski equipment and experienced English-speaking instructors are available should you need them.

Summer activities

In the summer months the tourist associates Pamporovo with mountain quiet and calm, multi-colored and lush meadows and evergreen coniferous forests. Among the nearby sites worth visiting are the Smolyan Lakes and the wonderful village of Shiroka Laka /an architectural, folklore and ethnographical reserve/ 12 km away. Along tourist trails with excellent marking one can walk to: Izgrev Chalet /about 6 hours/, Perelik Chalet /below the top summit of the Rhodopes bearing the same name, 4 to 5 hours/, the Rozhen saddle /2 hours/, the nearby Orpheus’ Cliffs and many other scenic sights.

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